Drink water, Everyday... but why?

While it seems obvious - it's something we take for granted. Water is incredibly impactful - it affects our energy levels, relieves fatigue, improves mood, assists with weight loss, improves skin, flushes out toxins, aids digestion, and helps keep headaches and cramps at bay!


What is the Everyday bottle made of?

Our water bottles are made with a non toxic BPA free plastic. Why plastic? We found that glass bottles just don't work well for active lifestyles - they can shatter and are an added extra weight. 


How big is the bottle?

Small enough to easily refill most anywhere, large enough to give you over half of your daily recommended amount of water. The other half comes naturally from foods like fruits & vegetables and from other beverages such as coffee & tea. 

The bottle is 500ml/17 oz and is refilled twice a day.


How do I take care of my bottle? 

Just wash with soap & water! 


How can I contact you?

Just shoot us an email at